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Future of Athens Marathon looks promising

Future of Athens Marathon looks promising

Looking back at the record entry of 18.500 runners who participated in the 35th edition of this historic race, the organizers of the Athens Marathon. The Authentic is also looking to the future. In recent years, the economic problems besetting Greece have had their impact on the race but, justContinue Reading…

Race information on the Athens Marathon Race 2018

Race information on the Athens Marathon Race 2018

Race date  >  November 11th, 2018 Race time > 9:00 AM Course > The marathon course starts from Marathon and traces the route used for the first modern Olympics. It passes by the Tomb of Marathon where the Athenian soldiers who lost their lives in this historic battle are buried.Continue Reading…

‘Event of the Year’ award for Athens Marathon

‘Event of the Year’ award for Athens Marathon

The ‘Athens Marathon. The Authentic’ is one of the most significant sport, cultural and social events hosted in the city of Athens over the last years. The top sport event of Greece could not be left out of the ‘Events Awards 2017’ a ceremony that took place in June 2017Continue Reading…

Gο Light

Go Light is a program exclusively designed for all PRHP registrants, runners and companions, and offers reduced rates to certain collaborative enterprises/establishments like stores, restaurants, cafés, training centers, museums, sites etc.The reduced rates will be valid from Wednesday, November 9 until Tuesday, November 15, 2016 and for unlimited use.

Go Light Cards will be distributed to all PRHP registrants through the PRHP Hospitality Desks at the PRHP designated hotels and there will be one (1) card per room.

Every Go Light Card will have all the collaborative establishments names printed on it; the PRHP registrants may get the discount upon showing the card at the entrance or at the cash desk.

The following establishments participate in the Go Light program:

The list of establishments will be updated regularly on the Stay Connected Newsletter or on the Stay Connected page of the website.


PRHP Terms & Conditions


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The purchase of the Premium Registration & Hospitality Program requires the careful study and acceptance of it, which is analytically described in website, and the present Terms and Conditions.

Our company “BOND Business & Life Events Single Person P.C.” with distinctive title “BOND Events” and registered seat in Athens, 126 – 128, Momferatou street, with Tax Registration Number EL800616841/Athens, is the seller of the PRHP 2020.

The Premium Registration & Hospitality Program 2021 (PRHP)

The PRHP is consisted of packages depending on the selected hotel as appeared on the website. The services, features and rate of each package as analytically described in our website may be subject to change due to the frequent and sudden changes in the financial and other worldwide conditions. In this case, you will be informed directly in the most efficient way.

The PRHP includes accommodation in selected hotels with breakfast, including all taxes and municipal duties. The PRHP does not include the use of any additional services, such as, indicatively and not exhaustively, room service, mini bar, telephones, porterage costs or other services, which shall be charged additionally in accordance with the applicable pricelist of each hotel and shall be paid exclusively by the client. Any services mentioned as optional are offered at an additional cost to the PRHP rates, in the event that the service is actually possible.

Passports, Visas and Health Formalities

The PRHP does not include airline tickets, the issuance of visas, passports or other travel documents, travel insurance, additional transports or transfers or anything else that is not expressly included in the analytical description of the PRHP in the website. Our company is not responsible for the issuance of a visa, passport or any other travel document necessary for your entry into Greece, where the PRHP is offered, and which remains your own exclusive responsibility.  Lack of passport, visa or any other travel document necessary for your entry into Greece does not justify the cancellation of the purchased PRHP without payment of the hereunder cancellation fees.

Purchase of the PRHP

The PRHP can be purchased through the website under the following conditions:

(i) payment of the total amount of the selected PRHP by credit or debit cards or by bank transfer within three (3) calendar days as of the sending of the booking form; in the latter case, it is mandatory to also send an email with the respective receipt of the bank transfer, stating the selected PRHP with the arrival and departure dates to within 3 calendar days as of the sending of the booking form;

(ii) acceptance of the present Terms and Conditions. In the event that the total rate of the selected PRHP package is not paid within the aforesaid time period, our Company will not reserve the selected PRHP package. For the purchase of a PRHP with a double-bed or triple-bed hotel room, the purchaser of the PRHP must purchase a number of participations in the PRHP equal to the number of the beds in the hotel room or rooms selected. The person, who purchases the PRHP for his/her companions or group, has the obligation to inform all the participants in the PRHP, whom he/she represents, about the details of the specific PRHP and the present Terms and Conditions.

The participants of the PRHP, who have been registered to a PRHP by the purchaser of the PRHP, have the same rights and obligations with the purchaser of the PRHP. Our Company will provide any and all required information to all participants of the PRHP upon request. Mandatory requirement for the purchase of one or more participations in the PRHP is the purchase through the website of at least one registration to one of the four Marathon races (Athens Marathon. The Authentic. 2021) organized by SEGAS, as described in the booking form of our website. The registration to any of the Marathon races organized by SEGAS cannot be purchased separately through the website, but only in combination with the PRHP hospitality packages. The PRHP hospitality packages’ rates do not include registration to the Marathon races. Race registration rates are stated separately and are collected separately by BOND Events on behalf of SEGAS.

PRHP Rates

The PRHP rates are stated in the booking form of our website.

PRHP reduced rates apply for children as follows : a) for the accommodation: children 0-3 years old share the room with their parents. Children 3-12 years old share a triple room with their parents b) for lunches and dinners: 50% discount for children up to 12 years old c) for entrance fees to museums, archaeological sites etc.: reduced rates or free entrance apply according to the rates policy of each site or venue. Children must be registered as adults in the booking form and BOND Events will return the excess amount.

Following the completion of each PRHP booking form, our Company will issue the invoices provided by the law and will send them to the email addresses of each client, stated in the PRHP booking form. The rates have been carefully calculated according to the cost of the services included in each PRHP package and include transportation fares, taxes, VAT and related costs, in € (euro). However, our Company reserves the right to readjust and increase the PRHP rates up to 20 days before the starting day of each PRHP, in case the above cost factors change and increase. In this case, you will be informed directly in the most efficient way. In case that the PRHP rates increase significantly (in excess of 15% of the rate of each PRHP package) or another service or feature of the PRHP changes significantly, you have the right to either cancel the purchased PRHP without penalty or accept the amended PRHP and pay the price increase within two business days as of our Company’s notice regarding the PRHP rate or other change, by sending an email with the respective receipt of the bank transfer to

If you cancel the purchased PRHP, or if, for whatever cause, other than your fault, the PRHP is cancelled before its starting date, you will be entitled to a return of your money. In such case, you may be entitled, if appropriate, to compensation for non-performance, unless (i) cancellation is on the grounds that the number of persons enrolled for the PRHP or feature thereof is less than the minimum number required and you have been duly informed; or (ii) cancellation is for reasons of force majeure.

Our Company’s Liability

Our Company will coordinate and perform the PRHPs in the most professional and efficient way. However, our Company will not be liable for acts and omissions: (i) attributable to the client; (ii) attributable to a third party unconnected with the provision of the PRHP, unforeseeable or unavoidable; (iii) attributable to force majeure, or to an unforeseeable or unavoidable, even with all due care, event. In such cases, our Company will assist the PRHP participants in every possible way, but will not be liable to restitute any damage incurred. In case of damage due to the non-performance or improper performance of the PRHP, compensation to the client will be limited according to the provisions of international conventions governing such services. In particular, compensation due in case of non-performance or improper performance of the PRHP will be limited to the rate per person of the PRHP. Certain events included in the PRHP require a minimum number of thirty (30) participants. If the above minimum number of participants is not met, our Company reserves the right to modify the particular PRHP events or their location and substitute them with events of the same value, or if this is not possible, to return the money corresponding to the cancelled events. In such case you will be duly informed in writing until October 30, 2021. Any complaints during the PRHPs must be immediately reported to our Company’s representative in writing. If the problem cannot be solved immediately, you should report the problem to our Company within three (3) business days as of the completion of the PRHP together with any respective documents or evidence. After the lapse of the above time period, our Company will not be liable to reply to any complaints. Our Company is not responsible for events organized by third parties, such as, indicatively, and not exhaustively, the Marathon races (Athens Marathon. The Authentic 2021) organized by SEGAS. Our Company is not responsible for the opening days and hours of the shops, museums, archaeological sites etc.

Your Rights and Obligations

In case you are prevented from participating in the selected PRHP package, you may transfer your booking, having first given our Company written notice five business days before the starting date of the selected PRHP, to a person who satisfies all the conditions applicable to the PRHP. The transferor of the PRHP and the transferee shall be jointly and severally liable against our Company for payment of any balance due, as well as any additional costs arising from such transfer. All participants in the PRHP must adopt the proper social behavior and strictly observe the program of the PRHP and the indications and directions of the escorts or guides (timely show up for the various services, transfers, meals, events, etc.). In case you show up late and miss a transfer, event, etc., you will have to join the group at your own cost and liability, without having the right to request a return of money for the service lost, in case you are not able to join the group. In case you decide to interrupt the PRHP, you will not be entitled to any further service or compensation and you will be solely liable for all your moves. Our Company will assist in you in every possible way, but will not undertake any liability. The PRHP and the respective services start at the time of your arrival at the hotel and end with your departure from the hotel after the check-out.

Hotels, Transportation means, etc.

All information regarding the hotel categories stated in the PRHP are in accordance with the applicable legislation. Hotel rooms usually have two single beds or one double bed. A room with three beds is usually a room with two single beds and one additional bed. Such rooms are not very comfortable and the third bed may be smaller or a sofa/folding bed. Room-letting usually starts between 14:00-15:00 and ends at 12:00 on the departure date. In case you wish to enter the room before the above time and/or to depart later than the above time, you should pay the respective cost according to the policy of each hotel, on top of the PRHP rates. In case of delayed arrival to the hotel, after the date of your scheduled arrival, the cost of the accommodation for the day/s lost, as well as any services, events and features of the PRHP package lost, will not be refunded. Our Company reserves the right to add new hotels in the PRHP, in order to cover the demand. The purchaser of a PRHP with a selected hotel cannot request a hotel change. If due to unpredictable conditions, the selected hotel is substituted by another hotel of the same or higher category, no further compensation will be due. All bus transfers included in the PRHP do not have numbered seats and no booking of specific seats is possible. Clients will seat on a first-come first-serve basis. Smoking is prohibited in all bus transfers. An one-day excursion will not usually exceed twelve (12) hours in total and a half-day excursion will not usually exceed six (6) hours in total, from departure until return to the hotel.


Our collaborators have civil liability insurance covering risks in case of failure or deficient performance of the PRHP, as well as in case of insolvency or bankruptcy in accordance with the applicable legislation. The insurance policy and the insurer’s data are available at our Company’s accounting department. Further, you have the option to purchase insurance covering risks in case of accident or illness or additional risks, which our company strongly recommends. Furthermore, in case of health issues during your trip in the EU, we strongly recommend that you contact your insurance agent for the issuance of the «European Health Insurance Card».


All baggages are carried at all times at your own responsibility, even if our company’s representatives are present. In case of loss or wear and tear the respective international treaties apply and liability is limited according to the provisions of such international treaties. On the date of the Marathon race, on Sunday, November 14, 2021, our Company will take your personal belongings at the start of the race and deliver them after the finish of the race. The personal belongings delivered to our company cannot be valuables in terms of money or sentimental value; their value cannot exceed in any case the amount of 100 euro in total per person, and our obligation in case of loss or wear and tear of such personal belongings is limited exclusively to the amount of 100 euro in total per person.

Cancellation Policy

Our cancellation policy is consistent with the cancellation policy of our collaborators, hotels and suppliers. As aforesaid, for the purchase of a PRHP package in a double-bed or triple-bed room, the client must necessarily book a number of persons (and purchase a number of participations) equal to the number of the beds included in the selected room type. Following the purchase and payment of a PRHP, the client has the options of payments and cancellations as described in the website. All cancellations must be in writing.

Personal Data Protection Policy  - The Data Controller, the Data Processor and the Purposes of Processing

This website belongs to BOND Business & Life Events Single Person Private Company with registered seat in Athens, 126-128, Momferatou Street, who is the Data Controller. The personal data that you provide will be processed with your consent by BOND Business & Life Events Single Person Private Company and its collaborators, including the Hellenic Athletics Federation (SEGAS) with registered seat in Athens, 137 Sygrou Ave., for the purposes of supplying the requested services.

Methods of processing : The data processing will take place through automated electronic means and/or manually in order to achieve the purposes of processing.

Safety : We guarantee the privacy and safety of your personal data in accordance with laws 2472/1997 and 3471/2006, as stand amended, in harmonization with EU legislation on personal data, and we respect your choices regarding the use of your personal data. We use updated security safeguards to protect your data. Secure servers using the SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption technology are used to protect your data. The encryption technology ensures that your data cannot be read or altered by outside influences.

Right of information and access : You have the right of information and access to your personal data collected and processed by “BOND Business & Life Events Single Μember Private Company”, as well as the right to object to the collection and processing of your data in accordance with articles 11 and 12 of Law 2472/1997.

Information we collect : We collect the personal data that you give us, when you complete the online form for the supply of a specific service, after having carefully read the analytical information. Your consent, whenever required for the data collection and processing, is obtained in advance and before the supply of any service. The data that you give us, will enable us to offer you the requested services efficiently. You may object anytime to the collection and processing of your data, however, in this case we will not be able to supply the requested services. We may also collect the following information/tracking data anonymously for statistical purposes, in order to improve the quality of our services and render our website more effective and user-friendly: IP addresses, the date and time of your visits to our website, clicks and activity in this website, the referring website, if any, through which you clicked through to this website, technical information on the browser, device and operating systems used. The above information is collected anonymously and without any intent to correlate above information to the actual persons; however, such information, if processed, may lead to user identification.


The present Terms and Conditions and any contract concluded with our Company for the purchase of the PRHPs shall be construed and governed by Greek law. Any dispute related to or deriving from the present Terms and Conditions and any contract concluded with our Company for the purchase of the PRHP shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Athens. If one or more of the present Terms and Conditions is invalid or unenforceable, such invalidity or unenforceability will not affect the remaining Terms and Conditions, which shall remain valid and enforceable.

I have carefully read all the above Terms and Conditions regarding the participation in the Premium Registration & Hospitality Program (PRHP) and I accept them on my behalf and on behalf of all the registrants included in the booking form. I am authorized to include all the participants in the booking form for the Premium Registration & Hospitality Program.

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