‘Event of the Year’ award for Athens Marathon

The ‘Athens Marathon. The Authentic’ is one of the most significant sport, cultural and social events hosted in the city of Athens over the last years. The top sport event of Greece could not be left out of the ‘Events Awards 2017’ a ceremony that took place in June 2017 in Athens. The Athens Marathon was awarded with the ‘Event of the Year’ award! This distinction showcases the dynamics of the Athens Marathon within the sports community and the recognition of the effort for the organization of this successful running event.

The Athens Marathon won the Platinum Award in ‘Thematical Events’ category, the Gold Award in ‘Sport Events’, and the Silver Award for the Event Management. 

The Athens Marathon with its 121 years of history succeeded in increasing the participating runners from 4,000 runners in 2005 to more than 40,000 in 2016. The Athens Marathon is enhanced by the willingness of 3,000 volunteers and it is supported by several authorities of the public and private sector. The event gives back to the Greek community more than 3.5 million euros annually, through its charity programs and sponsors’ initiatives.

 The Athens Marathon is co-organized by SEGAS and Attica Region, with the support of its Grand Sponsor OPAP and the Greek National Tourism organization, is an event of priceless value that leads the way in sport, cultural, social, and tourism initiatives.

The Athens Marathon 2017 will be held on 12 November; runners from all over the world are showing intensive interest in participating and experiencing the magic of the authentic Marathon race. More than 50,000 runners of all ages are expected to participate in all races creating a huge festivity from Marathon city to the Panathenaic Stadium.